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Through our affiliation and association with numerous institutions, providers and businesses , we are able to introduce members to a range of interesting and unique opportunities, including access to funds, structured products as well as stringently selected alternative investment opportunities.

Below are only a few of many opportunities available. To find out more about the extensive opportunities available please email us.

The information set out herein has been obtained from various public sources and is provided by way of information only. Schreiber Associates International can accept no liability of any sort in relation thereto and readers should obtain their own verification of any statement before making any decision which may have any financial or other impact. We are adding to, and updating this section regularly with the latest information available.

Neither the information nor the opinions herein constitute, or are they to be construed as, advice, an offer or a solicitation of an offer to buy , sell or subscribe to any investments. Any person seeking such advice should consult an appropriate professional.