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Discretionary Fund Manager Solutions


Use of ‘alternative’ funds often leads to dangerously concentrated portfolios
All advisors face a major challenge - client portfolios are regularly too small to allow diversification across more than a handful of funds, due to minimum value entry requirements. If one or two of these investments "blow up", then the client’s very concentrated portfolio can take years to recover.

DFM solution
More and more advisors are referring the construction and management of clients’ portfolios, for the whole or a part of the client’s investments where suited,  to a Discretionary Fund Manager or DFM. As an expert in asset allocation, DFM's provides absolute return portfolios, hugely diversified across a multitude of 'best of breed' managers and strategies, designed for each individual client, with the aim to make money 'whatever the weather', and capital preservation as the cornerstone of the investment process.

SAINT has ensured that our selected DFM's can be accessed direct or via Offshore Bonds, QROPS/QNUPS/SIPP and other wrap/platform/trustees.

Our extensive knowledge of the Financial Services Industry and constant research and listening to clients needs and requests are a key part of ongoing commitment to adapt and improve services, offerings and results for our clients. To further enhance overall portfolio and asset management capability, we have selected to work with some  proven institutional experts in asset allocation and offer this service.

 DFM Is The Solution –

  • - Massively Diversified Client Portfolios
  • - Individually Designed and managed according to Individual Personalised Suitability Assessment
  • - Cost Effective
  • - Safety of your assets with segregated client accounts
  • - Access to a Private banking platform
  • - Tax and time advantages
  • - Transparent asset allocation model

Asset allocation provides as much as 90% of returns and drives portfolio risk profile. An investment management service previously “only available to the super-rich”, the intention and cabability to deliver this is here and available to retail clients.

If you are serious about making long lasting, effective and secure changes to the way your portfolio is managed contact us for details.


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